Feb 14, 2024

Google has implemented a resolution to the previously reported issue of the missing voice pack for Spanish Text-to-Speech (TTS). Please review the following details with your school or LEA IT personnel to ensure your ChromeOS student testing devices (Chromebooks) avoid this issue:

  • If your Chromebooks are using Google’s Stable OS channel, then updating to the latest Chrome OS will avoid this issue. Google resolved this issue on the Stable channel with the release of ChromeOS v121, on Feb. 6th.
  • Using Google’s Long Term Support (LTS) channel should avoid the issue altogether. The LTS channel is currently set to ChromeOS v114, which precedes the issue’s introduction in v119. The LTS channel is scheduled to update to v120 in March, but that future update will not carry over this issue for LTS channel users.
  • Manually installing the Spanish voicepack on Chromebooks becomes necessary IF:
    • you do not have the means to update Chromebooks on the Stable channel to v121; or
    • you do not have the means to migrate Chromebooks to the LTS channel.
    • Here are the previously shared instructions for manually installing the Spanish voicepack:
      1. Enable the option for the ‘floating accessibility toolbar’ in the ChromeOS Management Console. This must be done by the system administrator.
      2. Open the Secure Browser on the Chromebooks that need a Spanish voicepack
      3. Click on the new floating toolbar in the right-hand corner of the screen and choose settings
      4. Install the Spanish voicepack
      5. Disable the option for the floating accessibility menu in the ChromeOS Management Console again. This is required.
Please contact the RISE Help Desk if you need any assistance with manually installing the Spanish voicepack on your Chromebooks or have any other questions.